Sunday, 12 March 2017

We have another fun sale planned for this Friday, March 17th and Sat March 18th.... planned around St Patrick's Day!

We will offer 17% off regular, mainly green, bolted fabric and 10% of the regular bolted fabrics that have a hint of green in them!  

As always, some fine print....what's green and not rests with Mrs P's.  This sale does not apply to precuts or notions or other things green.  This sale does not apply to already reduced merchandise (including Chubbies). It is intended only for fabric that is cut from the bolt.  It will apply to wide back fabric and all fabrics in stock that day.  


Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

If you are wondering why we haven't been blogging this past bit, it's because we have been using our Facebook page to send info out. If on Facebook, look for Mrs Pugsley's Emporium. We also have a twitter account, @MrsPsAmherst .  

We are currently closed for our holiday hours and will reopen for regular hours on,  Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 at 1pm. 

We wish you well in 2017 and hope you have a very Merry Christmas! 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Home Sweet Home! ...

2016 Row by Row Experience... Home Sweet Home!

We have kits for our row ready to go for tomorrow at 1PM and the 2016 Row by Row Gear has arrived! 

1st the kits- Beside the fabric needed, they have 8 wt perle cotton to hold them together. Do not throw this away! It is used doubled, as the clothesline for the mini-quilts. There is also a piece of Pellon Wonder-Under needed for fusible appliqué and a piece of Mrs P's ribbon for the flag. They also include a coloured pattern. The pattern is awesome! Designed by Karen Neary of SewKaren-ly Created, it reflects Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Incs', Home Sweet Home- the historic PostOffice/Clocktower in Amherst, NS. Thank you Karen for the quilting too! 

Now the Row by Row Gear! We have round Row by Row pins, rectangular Row by Row License Plate pins and a charm for 2016. The Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc cloth licence plates, 'Nutz W Bolts!' are also here. 

Mrs P's is also pleased to offer a draw that will run for the summer- we love our community and would love to see you come and stay for an evening, so we partnered with Apothic Inn on E Victoria St to offer an night at this lovely Bed & Breakfast/Inn. (The winner of the draw will need to make arrangements directly with Apothic Inn to assure availably when required.) 

This is our first year in the Row by Row Experience and I'm sure there will be a few glitches. 
Most importantly, it's summer in Amherst, NS. Please come and experience our community and most of all.... enjoy your summer! The Town of Amherst uses ‪#‎Seewhyweloveit‬!

Mrs P's now may be found on Facebook.  Just search for Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc  or try the following link....

Friday, 22 April 2016

We are Open Sat!

Saturday will be an interesting day for business in Amherst. There will be traffic disruption on Victoria and Laplanche Streets as the old Bank of Montreal Building is being demolished.
The building has had many uses over it's lifetime. Obviously, the BOM, but when I was a kid, it was Central Trust. Their bank books were blue and smelled different (in a good way). The tellers also wrote in ink in the bank books. That bank was moved and over time emerged into what is now Toronto Dominion, further up the street.
The next memory of the building is the Amherst Police department was located there until sometime in 2000. The town had the windows and doorframe all outlined in white lights for the Millennium Celebrations. (As beautiful as that was, drilling into the soft Amherst sandstone in the building would not be good building maintenance.) That department was moving to a different location soon and today is housed in a new building on Havelock St.
{As a side note, if you have not been in the new Police Station- it's worth a look! To be able to go to work and have your building work for you (advantage of being designed as a police station) must be wonderful for this department. They have a challenging job that we do not always appreciate or understand until we need them. It's always important to remember re-purposing a building is a big challenge in being assessable both physically and for the new technology needed in todays workplace.}
There were also a few businesses that were located there before it became an empty building. At one time, it had beautiful wooden floors and like most of the older buildings in town, the woodwork inside was fabulous in part because of the craftsmanship of Rhodes Curry.
Alas, the building is only a shell now. The amount of money to spend on repairs, let alone saving and refurbishing the building to a bygone era standards would be astronomical. The town has 'saved" the Dominion Public Building next to this building on Victoria St and it would be far sadder if this was the building coming to the end of it's lifespan.
Change and loosing our past is difficult. It should make us appreciate what we have left in our building (especially the stone) inventory of the downtown and support the businesses within. By having a downtown and one as unique as ours in architecture, should an advantage for setting us apart from other communities.
The pics are from a quiet snowy day and all the buildings downtown were beautiful in their frosted cloaks.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Flash Sale Today! ...

Happy St Patrick's Day! 

Today only, we are having a Flash Sale!  Buy anything with green in it & we will take 10% off that item.

There are a few restrictions...

It does not apply to the 2m Chubbies that are already at $17.95 for the 2metres but other regular priced fabric would be in the sale- if it has green in it.

Mrs P's decides on what is green...

For example- Teal Blue is not green, but Clover Notions with green in their packaging would would a green cutting mat.  

Drop in today and save some 'green'! 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

In Stock...Kona Cotton Solids!...

We have a lot of boxes that arrived and we are slowly getting into them!

Tonights fun fabric choice is New to Us......Kona Cotton Solids!  So far, we only have a few bolts but more are expected and to be fair, we also have Michael Miller Solids.  

Introducing in Kona...

Steel, Snow, Citrus, Black, White and peeking there on the right, Old Green.

Old Green on the bottom, Cocoa in the middle and Nautical on the top. 

We are expecting a shade card soon and a few more bolts.  I think there are 300+ colours, so we went with a few basics to start.  

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Quick Cancellation Notice!...

Bad news...The Fabric Bead Demo and Pop Up Shop showcasing some paper beads and other Paper Fibre Art is cancelled at Mrs P's for tomorrow!  

The weather forecast is for snow, freezing rain and rain.  As the lady comes up from Halifax, we decided to cancel the planned event for tomorrow and we will reschedule for a later date... one with less chances of bad weather. 

Mrs P's will be open tomorrow from  10am until 4pm permitting ... just without the Pop Up Shop event.